Nos mariées parlent de nous sur les réseaux …. !!!

Nos mariées parlent de nous sur les réseaux …. !!!

Un grand merci à Clémence (mariée-byMlleC-2017)  pour son beau message de recommandations …. 

Hi Kat,  

I’m glad you reached out to me for more infos about Mademoiselle C, I wish I had done that before hiring her! Then I would not have wasted my time (always precious for a bride to be) to try to compare her with other wedding planning agencies i could have found: she is the best. She is such a great wedding planner. I really could not have dreamed of a better one (and I am picky!!!). She is very attentive to every thing you can ask, she knows everyone so you won’t need to find by yourself any florist, hairdresser, etc. She is very focused on what she is working on. And on the d-day she is THE best: she took care of everything and scheduled everything so it went super smoothly. In one word: go! She is great, you won’t be disappointed.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you have some further questions…. 

Clémence & Jordan – Wedding in Corsica 2017 –  Mariage en Corse –