Meet the team


By Mademoiselle C, it’s a story of the wonderful duo formed by Céline and Marjorie. Generous, bubbly and passionate, these two wedding planners are both complicit and complementary. Their daily? Work to make your day unforgettable.


Behind her pretty face, Celine hides a sweet and sensitive person. With her, kindness goes hand in hand with demand. An apparent Mediterranean calm, which cohabit with a temperament and an iron will!

Fashion shows, sporting events, shows, Céline rubs shoulders with the world of entertainment since she was teenager. Always fascinated by the magic of the ephemeral, she started to work into the world of marriage in 2004, when she launched her high-end magazine, Le Mariage de Céline. A major personal project that allows her to create a network of prestigious providers. Now for almost ten years, she organizes weddings in the South of France, with love and delicacy.


“The profession of wedding planner is very rich emotionally. The wow effect on the wedding day, look at the bride and groom and see their eyes shine, share precious moments … these kinds of things stay with you “


Celine works with heart and soul and loves please her brides and grooms. Her goal? Make them happy on D-Day! To achieve it, she thinks about all little details, surrounds herself with the best vendors and invests herself as if she was organizing her own wedding.

A little bit more : Celine loves music. hunt good sound, listen and mix it … Because an amazing atmosphere with a crazy touch it’s the key for a successful wedding day!


Marjorie is the girl from the South as we imagine. Interesting, spontaneous, full of energy. Organizing your wedding with her is already bringing a little Mediterranean sun into your life!

In 2009, Marjorie meets Céline and decides to join her wedding magazine project in Provence & Côte d’Azur. Together, they write the premises of what will become their wedding planner business. A revelation for Marjorie who has always imagined doing this job since she was a teenager.

Natural and go-getter, Marjorie brings a fervent dynamism to the weddings she organizes. She the unexpected things with an iron fist! She works with crush and trusts her instinct to accompany the bride and groom. Getting out of his comfort zone to satisfy them does not scare her, it’s her leitmotiv.

Last but not least, Marjorie speaks English. The icing on the cake to work with a foreign and international clientele who dreams of an unforgettable wedding in the South of France!


“I do not get tired of organizing weddings. They are all different and unique. I feel always this adrenalin rush specific to my job. It’s a real challenge and I love it! “


A little bit more : Marjorie likes trip (in Argentina or elsewhere), salsa and create mood boards for her brides and grooms.