Une douce journée d’été – Deniz & Valentin

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About This Project

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Marjorie for planning our wedding in Provence. Firstly, she goes above and beyond to talk about your dreams and expectations in order to find the best concepts and moods for your wedding. The most important for us; since we wanted to get married in the summer we didn’t have a lot of time (5-6 months), Marjorie was very fast and had many options to offer for us. She has an amazing knowledge of the area and the suppliers so you know you’re in good hands with who you work with.

A destination wedding can be stressful at times since you’re not able to see everything, so it’s important to trust your wedding planner and communicate frequently with them. Marjorie makes herself always available when you need to go over your questions or details. She understands brides, even in moments of panic. She acts fast and is quick to solve problems. She also found the venue to have our welcome party and negotiated with the venue to fit our mood and budget. At the end, our wedding was beautiful and everything went smoothly. We’re very happy to have worked with Marjorie for the organization and planning of our wedding.

Deniz & Valentin

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